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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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demonstrators returned to the park tonight. they are now protesting by a new set of rules. that is our big story tonight. occupy wall street protesters can use the lower manhattan park. they just cannot camp out there. the ruling was made by a supreme court justice upheld the city's decision. michael bloomberg said camping protests turned it into a health and safety hazard. >> the park was becoming a place where people can not to protest the rather to break laws and in some cases to harm others. there is no ambiguity in the law here. the first amendment protects speech. does not protect some givebacks to take over a public space. >> it is privately owned. blumberg says it will remain open as long as protesters are bought by the rules which permits one small bag.
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no sleeping bags or tents. here's a look at the scene in seattle today were members were pepper spray that a clash with police. the march down the middle of the street blocking traffic. four demonstrators were rested. several others who were not taking part of the protests were hit by pepper spray including an elderly woman. meanwhile occupier baltimore protesters say they have no plan to lose the square. there are growing more organized. kai reed continues coverage live from downtown baltimore. >> every night at 8:00 protesters told an assembly meeting at the square. the talk about what on and how they plan to strengthen efforts in baltimore. >> occupied baltimore protests led up for an evening meal. 43 days after the demonstrators who didn't to the square. to what the day discussions have
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focused on the event unfolding in nyc. >> we do not feel the exact same thing would happen here. i do feel the city of baltimore tried to happen the situation. with the example has been sent from other actions that have happened here when they clamped down to prevent people from speaking freely, the movement grows. i expect the same from this. >> the size of the crowd varies throughout the day, the square resembles a campground with tents set up iran the area. >> anything new happens every night where we discover new ways to improve our processes. we can all be involved in things as far as activism. >> organizers told us about plans to bring in possible powered electricity in the future. overnight camping is prohibited. demonstrators told us they have applied for a permit the help
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will allow them to continue a 24 hour a day communication. >> i would like to see us working together to do what we are both here to supposedly to which is improve our community. but some think there is an opportunity baltimore has been presented with. leading the nation in showing how to work with the occupied movement instead of working against it >> the concert was canceled over the weekend because of a lack of a permit will be free considered for saturday. representatives for the bears -- mayors' offices they have no plan on how to deal with the occupied movement going forward. >> keep your promise. that is what advocacy groups are saying to the mayor tonight. they protested against racial
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profiling today. there are calling on her to issue an executive order to prohibit the act by a baltimore police. the group says she plan to enact the end racial profiling act of 2011. they want her to follow through on the promise. >> culture is the kids are taking on upon themselves to actively enforce immigration laws. we know baltimore has the better than and will be better than that. but the mayor to put it into writing. >> the executive order we use resources to >> crossing into it at the truck before heading into the street grid atf agents were conducting an operation near a storage facility. that is when a confrontation resulted in several crashes. it was all captured at the blue
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crab express. the owner told today what he will never forget. the >> i was really scared. when i heard some side -- some sound, i thought something happen in my building. i was really scared. >> the driver -- seven people were charged although it would not offer specifics. the man accused of burning down a tire store where he worked pleaded guilty and was set free. 35-year-old jason hex was sentenced to 12 years but with time already served. he flicked a letter that sparked a flood hubbell's in northwest baltimore. he did not want it to go to jail and would be willing to rehire him. hicks must also serve 100 hours of community service and it toward the burn unit at john hopkins. conflict of interest has thrown
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90robocalls trial off-track. peters was appointed by gov. o'malley and decided today he could not preside over the case. the cannons are pretty clear at the judge has discretion to determine whether he or she has a conflict. that is really a call only for the judge -- subjective. >> he was hired as a political 2010ultant forerhlich's did. he is accused of suppressing the vote. -- the african american vote. >> in less than one week, two women and early 20s were attacked while sleeping. one and west baltimore and the other on the east side. >> at this point police to
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believe they are dealing with two separatists who have been to the corpus under similar circumstances. >> this broken windows signaled something was wrong in the 700 block. he was second to learn a woman was raped in the week hours of sunday morning per >> that is unbelievable. >> the 27-year-old victim was sleeping when a rapist creeping into her better. >> we are concerned because of the home invasion aspect of it leaves the possibility that this could escalate. >> investigators are alarmed by a similar attack that happened three days earlier less than 3 miles away. >> again, a home invasion of salt that troubles us because of the nature of the home invasion assault but in a dish of because the 29-year-old victim's two children were at home at a time of the assault. >> she was raped while her
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children slept nearby. >> it makes me want to hold my children tighter. >> police tell us that despite the similarities between the ribs, he believed they are getting -- looking for two different attackers. >> it is kind of spooky when they first told me. well, then it was like a breaking and entering as well. somebody is going above and beyond to fulfill -- that is weird. is nasty. >> police are not saying whether weapons were used in either case or if anything was taken from the victims' homes. >> on the same data former penn state assistant jerry sandusky broke his silence on the child allegations against him, in new york times report says 10 more victims have come forward.
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sandusky neighbors have asked the judge to place him in protective custody. the killing six with his presence in the community. -- they feel unsafe with his presence in the community. >> to rescind as he defended himself on nbc against charges that have rocked the penn state community. he is accused of using the charity he founded to meet his alleged victims. a grand jury indictment found several witnesses including assistant and football coach mike mcqueary. >> argued denying any sexual conduct with these boys? >> yes, i am. >> are you sexually attracted to younger boys?
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>> m i sexually attracted to under age boys? sexually attracted? no, i enjoyed young people. i love to be a round them. no, i am not a sexually attracted to younger boys entered quirks he appeared and alleged other motives may be half behind shocking motives prexy have a bunch of people who have for the allegations and realize there is a large university involved and maybe a lot of money involved in lawsuits that will come. roughly or experts in the plan does not end with sandusky pierre >> to not ask questions as far as what did you see, what exactly took place, it is astounding. if they did not want to ask a hard question, certainly, they should have turned it over to the police. >> they did not. now i football program and community are facing the high
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cost of silence. >> sandusky remains free on bail. so far there is no word on whether the court will hear his request to be taken into protective custody. in maryland senator once criminal penalties for people who do not report cases of child sex abuse. nancy jacobs says the situation with an state has brought the issue to light. her bill would impact groups of people like educators and coaches to have frequent contact with young people. still ahead -- a heated exchange on capitol hill. >> i respect your beliefs. >> that is your opinion. the outcome is exactly as -- predicted patrick cox that is not how it happened. >> u.s. troops will be out of iraq by eight years and. >> i do not believe by the way
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he handled -- that is a different one pure >> herman cain is denying he ever flopped the question about libya. >> our showers sliding to the mid-atlantic region. occult fraud on the way. it is warm outside.
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>> a local university has launched a new program in the fighting against child could obesity. the kick off the institute for healthiest maryland. they look for solutions to a child could obesity. it comes at a time when there are looking for healthier meals and exercise. experts say more is needed. >> a strategy -- we really need
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to transform the community inside maryland and across the community. >> organizers learned during the summit will guide policies to reduce risk of childhood obesity. more than 100 business leaders, educators, and officials will join martin o'malley india. representatives will accompany his wife on the six day trip which will include stops and mom buy and new delhi. the goal is to aware awareness -- raise awareness on expanding educational ties and maryland. it is the first ever by a sitting maryland governor. the decision to withdraw all troops and iraq by years and led to a heated debate. started when john mccain said the obama administration decided
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to pull out for political reasons. >> senator mccain, that is simply not true. i guess you can believe that. i respect your beliefs. >> that is your opinion. the outcome is exactly as predicted. >> that is not how it happened. this is about negotiating. this is about a associating with a sovereign country -- an independent country. this is a about their needs. >> secretary panetta says iraq can stand on its own. he also has are rabaul negotiations with iraq about a small presence in the future. -- with iraq about a small presence in the future. >> 11 news reporter steve says why that is bad news for herman cain in tonight's commitment 20's will update. >> herman cain was in iowa today. he knows how important the
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january 3 caucuses could be. >> the state of iowa is going to set the tone. >> herman cain has lost most of his lead and i was pulled. any bloomberg survey puts him in a four way tie, herman cain at 20%, ron paul at 19%, herman cain at 18%, making britain 17%. even though he acknowledged today -- in national-security, that is the president's number one responsibility -- >> he struggled for a full minute to remember the "obama libya policy. >> d think the libya comments reinforced the idea that you do not have a thorough understanding of foreign policy? >> 9-9-9. >> mitt romney has reported reluctant to contest i was aware of the tea party dominates.
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he took on president obama who said saturday americans have grown lazy. >> i just don't think president obama understands america. the people of america are just as imaginative and hard-working as ever. >> mitt romney, rick quan paul, herman cain, even rep. and the rest is still have hope and iowa. 60% say they still might switch. now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist at tom tasselmyer. >> showers have been developing from the late afternoon into the current conditions it around the region. we are seeing more random was on a few hours ago. it will be the trend to the north and west. this is all lined up along the front it was led across our
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region. we will continue to move south through the day tomorrow and some heavier rains on the gulf coast are tracking to the north and east. overall, a wet pattern -- a pattern developing the entire region. not until the last batch of rain can clear the region we actually get rid of this. some cooler air will be faltering in as well. you can see the regime we are in the still relatively mild. we hit 70 degrees in downtown baltimore. 68 officially at p.w. i marshall. that will change overnight and it through the day tomorrow. temperatures still smile. beginning april cooler out at oakland where it is 48 degrees. like4 lows it tomorrow, shower activity for the morning rush hour.
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in minnesota it is only 29 degrees. the front and south of us will not get a good push away from us until the last area of low pressure can track and long. it will see some of the cold air bring on into the mid-atlantic region. showers tomorrow will continue a downward trend on the thermometer keeping it cool tomorrow but not -- not all that bad. you will see snow to the north and west following this parade is possible that some of the northern and western areas of baltimore see the brain mixed with wet snow before it ends. skies clear out in the afternoon and it should stay nice and sunny into friday. tamara high temperatures 59 degrees to 64 degrees. nebraska went at 5 degrees to 10 degrees per hour.
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it will start increasing tomorrow evening. a small craft advisory may be required on debate. low 50's. changing to showers on thursday. highs in the '50s tomorrow. temperatures will be stuck in the '30's for thursday. eastern shore and some scattered showers occur 51 degrees as the ranch hands on thursday. noticeably cooler, but the rain will linger in the evening on the lower eastern shore before it clears out thursday night. we are getting temperatures back to where they are supposed to be. we are a little bit above that tomorrow. go below that on thursday as the rain and sun and the sky began to clear in the afternoon. 49 degrees for the high. partly high for saturday. a chance of showers coming toward evening. that lingers in to work on the up next week.
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crux the raven's finally get to play at home again. head coach does not confuse this sunday with a homecoming game. he will hear why on sports. >> in this tuesday november 15, and tonight's credit check on his $30 million per to win the jackpot you must have 5 part of policy but the ball. let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. 6, 24, 33, 30, 3. 21 51 matches all numbers, the next jackpot will be $40 million. e
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>> the reagans returned to practice tomorrow morning, they could not focus on what happened
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in seattle. it will focus on what happens to the cincinnati bengals the past two seasons. they will not need a lot of providing that a repeat of last week's performance will not get the job done in the afc northgate pier is low startup not agreed with the reagans. the tick with the ravens. at 6-3, this year's spangles present a sizable challenge. >> we present -- we play good and a scam, we will play a game we are tied for as far as a three-way tie. a younger, aggressive, confident football team coming into our plans. we have our hands full. >> the orioles can start focusing on their attention on bringing back the results from a generation ago because they have brought back the loan. the orioles to unveil their look.
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the warranted jersey last war 20 years ago returned as an alternate trustee part of the 20 year anniversary. rob roblin checking out new threats. all thumbs up. it will celebrate the 20 year anniversary parade of the king of crete stepping backed from the 1983 world series seasons. some events to celebrate the night and happens. some achievements happen for a lifetime. coach k loose past his own mentor bobby knight. duke -- down and goes with a three. off the pump fake, steps beyond the arc. 74-69.
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coach k, pretty amazing. he has only coached at two schools -- army and the duke. don't look for any nba record other than a lockout. the nba and the five teams they have canceled all games through december 15. it takes a whole tangled mass of the negotiating table and put it into a chorus. the nfl with three similar process purpose and the off season. today marks the first missed a payday for nba players because of a lot -- lockout. >> cash flow beats the capitals' 3-1 with a late scoring desperate all four goals came in the last five minutes. the lead only lasted 28 seconds. martin ties it up at 1-1.
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with 24 seconds left, colin lawson delivers the corner. >> thank you. stay with us. tom has the seven-day forecast for this. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home.
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from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> a couple of summers least to
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collect her. bring shifting to the north. crackdowns chillier temperatures. 62 is a little above normal. the rain could mix with snow before it and sprayed it clears up in the afternoon. highs on friday in the 40's. not bad for baltimore ravens football on sunday. after the game heading into the evening when showers will develop. overall it will get chile next few days but not all that bad. >> we are thankful. >> that is a look at the base. thank you for joining us.
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